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Christian Schittich
Landmark Buildings
A Review of Three Decades of Architecture
192 pages with numerous pictures
27 x 21 cm, Hardcover
ISBN 978-3-95553-384-7. English / German
EUR 49,90 / CHF 77,00. Also available as eBook
November 2017. DETAIL, München

New from DETAIL:

Christian Schittich

Landmark Buildings

A Review of Three Decades of Architecture

Almost three decades lie between the pyramid of the Louvre in Paris and Hamburg's Elbphilharmonie concert hall. Both buildings are defining landmarks of their respective cities and both are very much children of their time. The structure at the Louvre appears to be bound to the ideals of late modernism whereas the Elbphilharmonie is a representation of the stylistic liberties of our present pluralistic age. Architecture has reached an unparalleled range of expression in the time between the construction of these two buildings. At the same time the development processes themselves have also undergone changes like in no comparable periods before.

The three decades between these two iconic buildings are at the heart of the new title Landmark Buildings. A Review of Three Decades of Architecture. In it, Christian Schittich tells the individual history of outstanding buildings from around the world in chronological order and within the overall architectural development. In brief and concise texts he introduces the individual buildings - be they pavilion or stadium, ski jump or train station - and the broader context that they find themselves in. This can be a specific trend or the oeuvre of its respective architect, the history of the building itself or its contribution to the surrounding environment. Some of the questions Schittich asks of the buildings are: wherein lies the significance of the building's design? Has the construction method established itself? Which technical innovations had an impact and what has become of their approaches? Or what social trends influenced the architecture of the building?

The title is an exciting discourse on recent architectural history which is itself no unified history of a distinctive style but rather one of a confusing multitude of trends on a global level that all exist at the same time. Thus a collection of buildings becomes recognisable that is significant to a developmental trend and that has provided the architecture of its time with important impulses, be they in regard to urban planning or formal, constructive or social contexts: simply landmark buildings.


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