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Faouzia Ben Khoud
Architectural Guide Tunis
135 x 245 mm, 320 pages
400 images, Softcover
ISBN 978-3-86922-676-7 (English)
ISBN 978-3-86922-677-4 (French)
EUR 38,00
March 2020. DOM publishers, Berlin

New from DOM publishers:

Faouzia Ben Khoud

Architectural Guide Tunis

Winding alleys and souks, mosques, magnificent houses and the Medina's courtyards. But also an Art Nouveau theatre, a brutalist hotel and contemporary glass facades: Tunis has a rich and incredibly diverse built heritage. And then there are also the archaeological remains from nearby Carthage, which provide a glimpse of the strength that the ancient state that once rivalled the Roman Empire held.

The Architectural Guide Tunis presents more than 100 buildings from both the Tunisian capital and its surroundings. For the guide the Tunesian architect Faouzia Ben Khoud chose buildings ranging from antiquity to today. Under Phoenician rule the city remained in the shadow of Carthage, but then Tunis and its Medina - which is recognised as one of the best preserved historic cities in the Arab world - flourished from the 7th century AD onwards, becoming a crucible for different cultures. Arabs and Berbers, Moslems, Jews and Christians, later then Moors who had fled Andalucía and - following the conquest by the Ottoman Empire - Turks all lived together at close quarters. This is reflected in the multifarious and fascinating appearance of today's Medina with its plazas, courtyards and alleys which wind themselves around the Great Mosque of Al-Zaytuna. The author follows the especially distinctive building styles, the typical design and planning traditions. She then highlights the contrast between them and the European quarters from the 19th and 20th centuries and their layout which strictly adheres to the grid scheme. Following its independence in 1956, Tunisia has tried to position its architecture between modern, contemporary buildings and the conservation of the national heritage. That is also why the author places a particular emphasis on the efforts that are being undertaken to preserve the city's unusual cultural heritage by including detailed accounts of current restoration projects. Several topical excursions, which range in subject from the Carthaginian water supply system to the Tunisian revolution, follow the stages of Tunis's architectural history and contribute towards a better understanding of the individual buildings.

AG Tunis

© Faouzia Ben Khoud

AG Tunis

© Philipp Meuser

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