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60 years DETAIL

The international magazine for architecture and construction detail is celebrating its anniversary

The Munich-based media company was founded 60 years ago. Since the first issue in 1961, the magazine has consistently focussed on architecture and construction details. In 2021 the editorial team is taking a look back into the past - and into the future of architecture. The jubilee will be marked with a special bumper anniversary issue in June and a number of online activities.

Sixty years ago the first issue of DETAIL was published, back then still with hand-drawn plans and predominately black and white photos. Since its founding in 1961, DETAIL has published 449 issues and documented more than 5,700 projects from all over the world. Over the past six decades building technologies and methods have changed significantly. DETAIL has continuously accompanied these developments by showing their application in building structures and construction details. The methods of presentation have also evolved over time - from hand-drawn to CAD, and from sketches to 3-D-animations. But it is DETAIL's contribution since the very first issue to present and explain the solutions found in construction details of architecture - through professionally drafted detailed plans in a consistent style of graphic illustration. Only the distinctive DETAIL lettering on the magazine's cover has remained unchanged to this very day.

Specialised information worldwide

DETAIL is now sold in 80 countries worldwide, and some 54,000 architects from all continents read every issue. Since 2003, the magazine has also been issued six times a year in a Chinese licensed edition. In the 1970s the first DETAIL Atlas was published alongside the magazine. Over time this led to the launch of the book publishing branch, Edition DETAIL, which distributes German and English-language specialist books in print and as e-books. 

Quantum leaps in development

In 60 years it is not only architecture that has made a quantum leap forward, but DETAIL as well. It has evolved from its launch in 1961 as a magazine into an international platform, bundling expertise and providing the international architecture community with news, nowadays also on social media. Videos and podcasts examine current specialist topics and thereby satisfy the wishes of architects for inspiration and their informational needs from all over the world. The digital database DETAIL Inspiration has subsequently been added to the website. This research tool is an ongoing compilation of project documentations dating back over six decades and is available on a subscription basis.

 DETAIL is celebrating

In its anniversary year DETAIL is envisioning the future of architecture, but also taking stock of the past. In each issue and on the editorial team presents special treasures from its archives. This will include a look at iconic buildings such as the Pan Am Building in Manhattan (Walter Gropius, 1963), the BMW multi-storey car park in Munich (Karl Schwanzer, 1970), or the plenary complex of the German parliament in Bonn (Günter Behnisch, 1992) from today's perspective.

In addition, the website will be collecting greetings by renowned architects and long-standing partners from all over the world, including videos and podcasts, on an ongoing basis. Subscribers to the magazine will also get the opportunity to have their say on what they appreciate about DETAIL. The big anniversary issue, which is all about sustainability and the tangible strategies necessary to achieve it, will be available in June.

Overview of activities and dates:

  • Anniversary-microsite
  • Greeting messages from renowned architectural bureaus and industrial partners
    Special treasures from the archives
    Stories by our subscribers
  • Big anniversary issue in June 2021 on sustainability
  • Special anniversary offers at years


DETAIL Business Information GmbH is a leading internationally specialised information group for architecture and structural design. The company, which was established in 1961, is headquartered in Munich and forms part of the European Professional Publishing Group, a holding for specialised information with a concentration on the strategic business areas of building, architecture, recycling, hospitality and fashion. It publishes, among others, the internationally recognised architecture magazine DETAIL, as well as the specialist  Edition DETAIL book series.
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