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Redevelopment of the new Schindler-Campus

Ebikon/Luzern, 22.10.2018. Swiss architects Burckhardt+Partner AG are redeveloping the historic Schindler site into a modern campus. The upgrading and overall design of the urban development include the replacement and conversion of existing buildings, new builds as well as the optimisation of site access and a new landscaping design. The redevelopment aspires to achieve a Gold-level LEED certification.

For more than sixty years the Swiss town of Ebikon has been the headquarters of the lift and escalator manufacturer Schindler. The first production plant was opened in 1957. Ever since then the site has grown and continuously been structurally adapted. The upgrading and overall design of the urban development by Burckhardt+Partner AG is not only based upon the wishes for modernisation by the client, but also takes into consideration the existing urban heterogeneous structure of Ebikon.

The Schindler site lies approximately one kilometre north-east of the town centre between the railway tracks and the Zugerstrasse. Within the elongated site which lies along this main thoroughfare are the existing office building with its characteristic testing tower, built in 1953 by Roland Rohn, as well as the production hall that spans the entire width of the site. Due to the uniform design of the facade the new buildings - Visitor Center, staff restaurant, auditorium - and the converted management building form a new ensemble. The base structure with its reception foyer and the staff restaurant serves as a connecting element between the new buildings and the existing management building.

With its cantilevered overhang towards the Zugerstrasse the Visitor Center references the rhythm of the projecting stairwells of the existing building and the testing tower which is located at an offset. The parts of the building are accessed from the main entrance with its central reception - except for the staff restaurant, where the entrance is located beneath the overhang of the Visitor Center. The new design of the park-like surroundings draws the campus area together in a uniform manner. Part of the new traffic flow concept, which now also activates the Feldmatt roundabout as a new main access point, is the separation of pedestrian walkways and vehicular traffic. This leads to more safety for the pedestrians and cyclists. At the same time, it enhances the sojourn quality of the exterior areas.

The Schindler Campus strives to achieve a Gold-level LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. This sustainability label with an emphasis on energy and ecology promotes a sustainable and efficient use of natural resources.The first milestone in this ongoing project will be reached with the completion of the refurbished and converted management building and the main reception during the course of December 2018. The whole Schindler Campus is expected to be completed towards the autumn of 2019.


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About Burckhardt+Partner

Burckhardt+Partner is an internationally distinguished and technologically prominent architectural company for excellent solutions. The company was founded in 1951 in Basel and has continually developed ever since. Over the past 65 years it has not only had a major influence on architecture in Switzerland, but has also been able to compete on the international stage. It currently runs five offices in Switzerland and three in Germany. For further information go to: