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Sandra Hofmeister (Ed.)
Affordable Housing
Cost-effective Models for the Future
192pages with numerous illustrations
23 x 32 cm, hardcover
ISBN 978-3-95553-448-6 (English)
€49.90 / CHF 78.93
November 2018. DETAIL, Munich

New from DETAIL:

Sandra Hofmeister (Ed.)

Affordable Housing

Cost-effective Models for the Future

Affordable housing is currently in short supply. In many European cities prices in the residential market are literally going through the roof and there is an acute need for action: as much affordable housing must be provided as quickly as possible. Yet how can costs be reduced without restricting the quality of the new homes? This calls for persuasive models and concepts that are cost-effective, sustainable and fit for the future.

The DETAIL volume Affordable Housing. Cost-effective Models for the Future documents fifteen outstanding current housing developments from all over Europe, which are distinguished by their quality but also by the fact that they were realised with reduced construction costs. Design solutions, deliberate material selection, specific building processes and explicit planning requirements all contributed to this result. The selection of current projects from such cities as Berlin, Paris, London or Zwolle are documented in depth with photos, texts, floor plans and detailed 1:20 scale drawings and thereby provide insights into the various concrete measures taken to reduce the building costs. Financing and corresponding funding instruments, reduction of construction costs and the rapid implementation of residential housing are crucial challenges for architects and the developers. Not only are considerations of floor plans, but also the careful choice of building materials together with their constructive applications as well as social aspects decisive approaches in this context for the final architectural solution. The introduction of the book includes several essays that highlight all of these challenges, presenting different perspectives and discussing historic as well as current examples. Planning methods and processes on site are addressed which can contribute to the reduction of building costs. But also social aspects and historical connections are picked up, such as in the example from Vienna - a metropolis that is recognised as exemplary for its subsidised housing.

This book is aimed at everyone who is involved in this responsible task of satisfying the steadily growing demand for affordable housing. It gives some ideas on how reducing costs in providing new homes does not have to mean sacrificing on quality for the residents as a consequence.


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