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Press information

  Philipp Meuser (Ed.)
Accessibility and Wayfinding
Construction and Design Manual
225 x 280  mm, 416 pages
500 images, Hardcover with elastic strap
ISBN 978-3-86922-675-0
EUR 98,00
November 2018. DOM publishers, Berlin

New in the Construction and Design Manuals series by DOM publishers:

Philipp Meuser (Ed.)

Accessibility and Wayfinding

Accessible architecture entails more than wide doorways and light switches placed at a low height. Clear and understandable signage also plays a crucial role in helping people move and orient themselves in public spaces. Signs and arrows remove barriers in our world. Accessibility and wayfinding are closely intertwined.

The manual Accessibility and Wayfinding brings these two topics together. It presents accessible designs and orientation systems for public buildings, cultural and educational facilities, transport structures, workplaces, and health institutions. Fifty projects are described from the perspective of Design for All. Informative essays provide an insight into the theory of signage and demonstrate the basic principles of inclusive design using ten different spatial situations. This hands-on approach makes the complex and highly regulated subject easy to understand. The book will help both architects and planners implement accessibility and signage principles in practice.

Accessibility means all people – regardless of their age or situation in life – can live and move independently. Accessibility fosters self-determination. To create accessible spaces, designers must have a clear awareness of the related concepts and principles and adopt them into the planning process at an early stage. This book represents a comprehensive way of thinking about two areas of design that ease our daily lives. It is a ‘best-of’ collection compiled from earlier, sold-out manuals by DOM publishers about accessible architecture and wayfinding.



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