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Foto © Adriano Biondo


The new Schindler Campus: a first milestone
has been reached

The new headquarters are ready for occupation

Ebikon/Lucerne, 10.12.2018. The architects of Burckhardt+Partner AG are currently redeveloping the historic Schindler site in Ebikon, a town in the Swiss canton of Lucerne, into a modern campus. A first milestone has been reached: the office building which dates back to the 1970s has been refurbished and is now a contemporary, transparent management building. While the exterior design of the new strip facade references the existing facade of the historic production building on the Zugerstrasse, the interiors have been completely restructured to create a new office environment.

The office building on the Schindler site was built in 1972 and has subsequently been extended several times. Burckhardt+Partner's architects have now transformed this heterogeneous structure into a coherent, modern management building - the new company headquarters. A transparent strip facade was mounted before the already existent construction grid, referencing the horizontally structured historic facade of the production building designed by the Swiss architect Roland Rohn. This arrangement amalgamates the structure on the one hand, while on the other the overall design is continued onwards into the directly adjacent new building of the Visitor Center. As a result, the ensemble of buildings now has a uniform appearance emphasising the campus character.

The cramped cellular office layout has been replaced by a generous and flexible open-space concept. Each floor now has group workplaces towards the front of the building, while a lounge area towards the centre serves as an extended communications zone. Retreat areas are also available to employees when undisturbed work becomes necessary. On the whole, an open and bright office environment with 300 workplaces was created.

The Schindler Campus strives to achieve a gold-level LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certification. This label with its emphasis on energy and ecology promotes the sustainable and responsible use of natural resources. For this reason the management building was fitted with photovoltaic modules on the facade and roof. Alongside the combined heated- and chilled ceiling system the architects decided to use an innovative source of energy: an ice storage system helps to keep the offices pleasantly cool in summer while dissipating the energy in winter.

The base structure of the eight-storey building is interlinked on three levels with the adjacent new building in which the Visitor Center, the staff restaurant and the auditorium will be housed. The horizontal design with its white parapets and continuous band of windows is resumed, thereby creating a uniform appearance of the building ensemble which at the same time also underlines the corporate identity of the lift- and escalator manufacturing company.
Towards the second half of March 2019 the employees will be able to enjoy the staff restaurant and the cafeteria with its outdoor terrace in the adjacent new building. The opening of the Visitor Center and the auditorium is currently scheduled for the latter part of the summer of 2019, thereby marking the completion of the Schindler Campus.


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About Burckhardt+Partner
Burckhardt+Partner is an internationally distinguished and technologically prominent architectural company for excellent solutions. The company was founded in 1951 in Basel and has continually developed ever since. Over the past 65 years it has not only had a major influence on architecture in Switzerland, but has also been able to compete on the international stage. It currently runs five offices in Switzerland and three in Germany.

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