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Sabrina Wilk
Drawing for Landscape Architects
Construction and Design Manual
225 × 280 mm, 356 pages
more than 1,000 illustrations, hardback
ISBN 978-3-86922-346-9 (German)
ISBN 978-3-86922-344-5 (English)
EUR 68.00 / CHF 81.60
January 2014. DOM publishers, Berlin

New in the series Construction and Design Manuals by DOM publishers:

Sabrina Wilk

Drawing for Landscape Architects

When it comes to visualizing and sharing ideas, landscape architects frequently need to resort to pencil and paper, even in the digital age. For what good are CAD skills when you are on site, discussing a project with clients or colleagues?

Following up the success of Architectural Drawings, DOM publishers now present Drawing for Landscape Architects as a new volume in the Construction and Design Manuals series. Author Sabrina Wilk is herself a professional landscape architect and teaches representation and visualization at the Weihenstephan University of Applied Science. Her book is a tutorial that instructs and inspires: it provides an up-to-date introduction to freehand drawing, which it distinguishes from technical drawing. The canonical tools and materials, applications and effects are covered, as are the essentials of perspective, layout and lettering, including symbols and different scales. Drawing methods, styles and formal idioms are introduced. Hands-on instructions condense the fundamentals of the art into a range of possibilities, without privileging a particular style.

Every new project requires a fresh approach to drawing and visualization. This practical handbook assists users in forming and testing their own ideas and techniques. From large-scale masterplans and strategic visions to design concepts, richly varied exterior spaces, burgeoning flora and intricate details, it covers the many types of content that landscape architects need to communicate graphically. A section showcasing fifteen projects by acclaimed practices from all around the world provides additional inspiration.

Drawing for Landscape Architects provides students of landscape architecture with a hands-on introduction while offering a useful work of reference for professional landscape architects and garden designers. The book presents the theory and practice of representation in an easy-to-understand way, inspires users to try their hand at drawing, and assists them in forming their own graphic style. This is fundamental to an effective use of digital media, which require a firm grounding in the art and craft of freehand drawing.

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The Construction and Design Manuals series by Dom publishers lists architecture handbooks that combine solid research with high aesthetic standards. These useful companions provide inspiration and valuable information for architects and their clients alike. Teachers and students of architecture will find them an easy-to-use learning tool. Internationally available.