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Press information

  Natascha Meuser
Zoo Buildings
Construction and Design Manual
225 x 280 mm, 552 pages
900 pictures, Hardcover with elastic strap
ISBN 978-3-86922-680-4 (English)
EUR 128,00
May 2019. DOM publishers, Berlin


New in the Construction and Design Manuals series by DOM publishers:

Natascha Meuser

Zoo Buildings

Zoological gardens and animal parks are among the most popular cultural and leisure facilities when it comes to visitor numbers: in Germany alone the ratio to museum visits is almost forty to one. Yet while cultural buildings such as theatres and museums manage to make headlines, architecture for animals often only merits a marginal note.

Specialist literature has also ignored this topic for a long time. In the new publication Zoo Buildings Natasha Meuser presents the first scientific compilation of building for animals since the 1960s. This title has a thematic approach in regard to aspects of architectural theory, history and typology on the one hand, and at the same time serves as a reference work for design, planning and construction of animal enclosures in zoological gardens on the other. Based on five generations of zoological structures the author shows that the architecture of zoos has always incorporated social values, fostering the coexistence of humans and animals, ever since the opening of the first scientifically run zoo. Besides documenting thirty historical, pioneering zoo buildings it also presents an in-depth analysis of an additional fifty buildings – mainly from Europe – that have been completed within the past twenty years. Scale floor plans, elevations and sections as well as large photos offer previously unseen insights. The author also presents ten design parameters that can serve as guidelines for the planning of a zoological structure.

This publication wants to make a contribution to the creation of buildings that does justice to the needs of the animals and their caretakers, but also to the visitors - and therefore the zoo in its entirety. It is a practical design manual for architects and at the same time a necessary scientific appraisal of a neglected topic.



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