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Press information

  Georgi Stanishev (ed.)
Architectural Guide Sofia
135 x 245 mm, 320 pages
700 pictures, soft cover
ISBN 978-3-86922-657-6 (English)
EUR 38,00 
May 2019. DOM publishers, Berlin

New from DOM publishers:

Georgi Stanishev (ed.)

Architectural Guide Sofia

Sofia is one of the oldest cities in Europe, but it remains a relatively undiscovered destination for tourism. Its urban fabric comprises a vast range of architectures, with structures by the ancient Thracians, Romans, Byzantines, as well as works from the Bulgarian medieval era, the Ottoman Empire, and the modern day, including the peculiar period of communist historicism and modernism.

The authors of the Architectural Guide Sofia uncover the historic layers that have accumulated over time in the Bulgarian capital. Sofia's architecture, however, cannot be reduced to different styles alone. Its uniqueness can be found in the fact that it combines and reinterprets influences in a melting pot typical for cultures on the periphery. This architectural guide is itself a hybrid: it combines architectural history and theory, critique and urban research. The title is ordered geographically and catalogues not only historic monuments and significant sites that are often overlooked by many tourist guides, but also the city’s most recent buildings, highlighting innovative works by contemporary generations of architects. It is intended to be used as an instrument for readers and travelers who are not only interested in architecture in the shape of monuments, but also in everyday locations such as markets, plazas, parks and gardens, courtyards and other hidden treasures.

The guide presents more than 200 selected structures from different eras, contains essays on the genesis of the local architectures, and analyses the specific architectural details born out of the clashes of various stylistic influences. Maps, illustrations, and an extensive bibliography round off the title.

This Architectural Guide is just one from a planned series in which DOM publishers will work its way into southeastern Europe: in summer the Architectural Guide Slovenia will follow, and Skopje and Tirana are currently in production.


© Georgi Stanishev


© Courtesy of Ivan Vazov National Theatre


© Maria Gyupchanova


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