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Helmut Bott , Gregor C. Grassl , Stephan Anders (Eds.)
Sustainable Urban Planning
Vibrant Neighbourhoods - Smart Cities – Resilience
280 pages with numerous illustrations
23 x 29.7 cm, Soft cover
ISBN: 978-3-95553-462-2 (English)
EUR 69,90
May 2019. DETAIL, Munich

New from DETAIL:

Helmut Bott, Gregor C. Grassl, Stephan Anders (Eds.)

Sustainable Urban Planning

Buildings of the future, cities of tomorrow:
what must we consider?

Architecture never stands by itself: it must always be seen within its context. The surrounding environment, infrastructure and networks are just as relevant to the design as the intended use. And if we ask about a "building of the future", we must also see it in combination with the requirements set for the "cities of tomorrow".  Discussions about sustainability, therefore, are also something that affects cities and cannot be limited just to ecological aspects: spatial, social and economic structures belong to the multilayered organism of that what we define as the city, and which most of humanity now calls its home .  

This is the holistic approach taken in the standard work Sustainable Urban Planning, new in the Edition DETAIL series. The publication, which originally appeared in German in 2013, for the first time comprehensively highlights the challenges and fields of action for sustainable neighbourhood developments in order to provide an overview of this diverse topic. The team of authors is just as interdisciplinary and integrative as the approach that must be taken on the matter: experts from science, planning practice and economy highlight the questions from their respective points of view. They outline the contexts and interactions that are relevant to a neighbourhood development. This results in the fields of action taking on the form of concrete methods of resolution. The focus lies on the mixed-use neighbourhood as a sociospatial unit, but also highlights the projects on an urban and regional planning level. In addition, this completely revised edition also  approaches topics and guidelines such as resilience and smart cities and places them within the overreaching principle of sustainability.

This book must be understood as a compendium that brings together all aspects of urban and neighbourhood planning. Several strategies and tools for successful implementation in practice are provided, the presentation of Best Practice examples from all over the world - such as the Carlsberg City District in Copenhagen or the completely new development of NESTown in Ethiopia - illustrate the discussed topics. The complexity of the topics necessitates networked thinking. Integrative and intermeshed, just like the aspects of a city - this is how this title sees itself.

Besides urban planners, architects, contractors, clients and project developers, geographers, sociologists and environmental scientist will all profit from the publication. After all, everything is connected to everything else. 


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