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Cover Boris Iofan

Maria Kostyuk
Boris Iofan
Architect behind the Palace of the Soviets
210 × 230  mm, 320 pages
210 pictures, Softcover
ISBN 978-3-86922-312-4 (English/Russian)
EUR 28.00 / CHF 34.80
August 2019. DOM publishers, Berlin

New from DOM publishers:

Maria Kostyuk

Boris Iofan

Architect behind the Palace of the Soviets


Boris Iofan (1891-1976) was one of the most significant architects from the Stalin era and is best known for his connection with the monumental Palace of the Soviets - his ambitioned masterpiece which was never completed, initially on account of the Second World War, and then because of shortages in the supply of building material. But the style of the architect, whose main oeuvre was realised in the 1930s, was not limited to the Socialist Classicism that flourished under Stalin.

The newly published title from DOM publishers' Basics-series, Boris Iofan. Architect behind the Palace of the Soviets, charts the development of the architect's varied career which spanned nearly six decades. It presents a collection of eight essays which are illustrated not only with photographs, but also a large number of floor plans, sketches and drawings by the architect himself. The essays follow the architect to Rome and his initial eclectic beginnings that came to define his later work, present early designs and buildings and show what influence the Italian experiences and the Russian avant-garde had on his later creative work. Just as in Boris Iofan's work, the 1930s Soviet wedding-cake style and the history behind the competition and planning for the Palace of the Soviets play a leading role in this book, although his post-war projects and concrete-panel prefabricated high-rises from the 1960s and 70s Khrushchev government era are also introduced. The authors of the essays, Maria Kostyuk, Federica Patti, Allessandro de Magistris and Elena Zheludkova present a comprehensive image of this versatile architect.

This volume is published within the framework of the cooperation and research programme Architects and Buildings of the Soviet Union together with the Shchusev State Museum of Architecture in Moscow. Titles on the Russian architects Jakow Chernikhov, Ivan Zholtovsky (in German), Sergey Chernyshev, Felix Novikov and a (German-language) annotated reprint of the legendary urban vision of Sotsgorod by Nikolay Milyutin are already available in the Grundlagen/Basics series.


Bild 1 Seiten aus Boris Iofan

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Bild 2 Seiten aus Boris Iofan

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