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Hannes Bäuerle, Claudia Miller
Alpen Orte / Alpine Retreats
Über Nacht in besonderer Architektur / unique hotel architecture
Bilingual German/English
192 pages with numerous pictures, illustrations and plans
25 x 23.5 cm, Hardcover
ISBN 978-3-95553-181-2
€ 49.00 (Excl. VAT) / $ 69,00. Also available in eBook format
November 2014. Detail, München

Now available from DETAIL:

Claudia Miller, Hannes Bäuerle

Alpine Retreats

Unique hotel architecture

For trailblazers and bon vivants: atmospheric Alpine accommodation

The Alps are an enticing holiday destination. You don't have to be a dedicated mountaineer or an intrepid skier to pine for a charming hotel or chalet in the mountains. Since this region offers some five million beds you are certainly spoilt for choice. Bon vivants and travellers with discerning tastes, however, may not find it quite as easy locating accommodation that combines a modern or timeless architecture, extraordinary use of materials and exclusive gastronomic service - and at the same time also reflects that certain kind of personality and uniqueness of the management and owners, be it for the romantic little cabin or the sophisticated spa resort.

The authors Claudia Miller and Hannes Bäuerle specifically looked for - and found - exactly that kind of accommodation and made a selection of 25 of their favourites. These are presented in the new title Alpine.Retreats - Unique hotel architecture, which showcases the architecture and interior design. They also tell the tales of the owners and managers, of Alpine life and people. The chosen objects range from houses that have been owned by one family for generations to the most recent constructions with unusual concepts, from ancient, cowering stone houses to lofty modern buildings or refurbished and modernised chalets. Be it simple or luxurious, all of them share that they are set within the already existing environment in a respectful and sustainable manner. Among the selection criteria were that projects had to be built using materials and sustainable construction methods in keeping with the Alpine environment and that they also represent successful spatial and atmospheric concepts. Tourism has a long tradition in the Alps, and so do the respective regional arts and crafts - which are reflected in the maintaining of the building tradition of these guest houses as shown in the examples from the Vorarlberg, Vallais, South Tyrol, the Grisons or Tyrol.

Both authors are interior designers and spend most of their free time in the mountains - making them experts in both areas. Two essays on life, travelling and building in the Alps introduce the Alpine building tradition; general maps and a list of addresses help to make this book an outstanding and practical travel guide. A book not only for architects, but rather for all readers who like to travel and can appreciate beautiful places full of atmosphere.


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© Thomas Linkel

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