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Press information

Martin Wimmer
Stadium Buildings
Construction and Design Manual
With a preface by Anna Martovitskaya
225 × 280 mm, 320 pages,
ca. 570 images, hardcover
ISBN 978-3-86922-415-2 (English)
EUR 88,00
May 2016. DOM publishers, Berlin

New in the Construction and Design Manuals series by DOM publishers:

Martin Wimmer

Stadium Buildings

From ancient stadium construction to a design object of the twenty-first century, sports arenas have long been turned into places hosting a global media spectacle. For a few hours or days, colossuses made of steel and concrete transform into colourful festival locations. These spectacular creations make headlines every couple of years in the run-up to the World Cup and the Olympics.

With the volume Stadium Buildings from the Construction and Design Manuals series, Martin Wimmer, an expert in sports facilities, sets out a complete overview of the development of these large-scale constructions in terms of building typologies, from antiquity to the present day. He shows how a modern-day urban entertainment centre emerged from a simple running track in the countryside, such as the mother of all stadiums – the Olympia in Greece. Future arenas are also presented and in this regard we may already obtain information on the planned Olympic Stadium in Tokyo (2020, Kengo Kuma) and the football stadium in Qatar (2022, Zaha Hadid). In addition to such megastructures for major events, Wimmer also focuses on multi-functional arenas and stadiums for racing, winter sports and water sports. This book thus presents the entire spectrum of stadium buildings in terms of typology, chronology and geography.

Selected examples from around the world are illustrated with large-format images and detailed plans. Numerous technical details and drawings prepared specifically for the book – e.g. cross-sections of stands – enable comparisons between stadiums. The plans facilitate understanding of the carefully selected examples and contribute towards an analysis of the stadiums in terms of history, planning and architecture. Ten design parameters facilitate the first steps in the design process and serve as a framework for clients and operators in defining their requirements.

This volume is the first comprehensive overview which will not only appeal to an audience interested in spectacular large-scale constructions but also architects seeking exemplary solutions applicable to these rare construction projects. Therefore, the volume is just as suitable as a reference work as an illustrated book on the coffee table.


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