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Press information

Christian Schittich (Ed.), Hans Wolfgang Hoffmann
Museum Buildings
Construction and Design Manual
225 × 280 mm, 416 pages,
500 images, hardcover
ISBN 978-3-86922-217-2 (English)
EUR 78,00
May 2016. DOM publishers, Berlin,
cooperation with DETAIL, Munich

New in the Construction and Design Manuals series by DOM publishers:

Christian Schittich (Ed.) / Hans Wolfgang Hoffmann

Museum Buildings

The museum is one of the most popular cultural institutions - with visitor numbers only attesting to the boom. Museums are being continuously rebuilt or expanded, and the world is following with interest the emergence of spectacular buildings. Sometimes these turn into crowd-pullers and a landmark for the city (think of the "Bilbao effect"). That is their dilemma: on the one hand, the architecture should draw in visitors, whilst on the other hand it ought to give way and not compete with the exhibits.

The Museum Buildings manual guide has its point of departure between both standpoints. This volume from the Construction and Design Manual series which was born out of cooperation between DOM publishers and DETAIL presents more than fifty projects from New York to Shanghai. Caught between the conflicting priorities of attraction and understatement, these not only boast spectacular forms, but are convincing precisely due to their modest appearance and subtle spatial concept. The examples presented in detail with texts, large-scale photographs and detailed drawings illustrate how diverse the task of designing a museum can be in relation to size, form, material and function: the demands placed on a venue for modern art are different from those placed on a natural history museum or technical museum. The planning parameters created for this book assist with design and layout. These present a vivid summary of all the key aspects, such as typology, spatial programme, access, presentation and technology. One essay explains how the ancient treasure trove evolved into a public collection, the sublime temple of learning into a dazzling world of experience and how the museum of the future further evolved into an interactive workshop. An interview with Uwe R. Brückner (atelier brückner) provides an insight into the design of an exhibition.

This book is just as useful to architects as it is to clients, museums and curators. It is a valuable communication tool through the planning process, including the conceptual stage, the competition and the design and construction phase. This volume also shows that a museum is an exciting building project, irrespective of whether it is a small local history museum or an interactive palace for events which is involved.


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In-depth and aesthetically pleasing standard references on different building projects appear in the Construction and Design Manual series by DOM publishers. Architects and clients are thus offered a practice-oriented working tool to serve as inspiration. The titles are a source of knowledge for both teachers and students. The books are distributed internationally. For further information see: