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Pressebild Fassade Glass Construction ManualJan Cremers (Ed.)
Markus Binder, Peter Bonfig, Joost Hartwig, Hermann Klos, Wolfgang Jehl, Ingo Leuschner, Elke Sohn, Thomas Stark
Building Openings Construction Manual
Windows – Vents – Exterior Doors
288 pages with numerous drawings and photos
23 x 29,7  cm, paperback
ISBN 978-3-95553-298-7. English
EUR 99,90 / GBP 80,00. Also available in eBook format
September 2016. Detail, Munich

Now available from DETAIL:

Jan Cremers (Ed.)

Building Openings Construction Manual

Every architect has to reflect on building openings, since every house has windows and doors. They are the interface between indoor and outdoor spaces, essential functional and design elements of facades which provide light, ventilation and climate control. What sounds so simple has become a highly complex matter in times of energy planning. DETAIL is now publishing a comprehensive standard and reference work on the subject: the Building Openings Construction Manual. Jan Cremers, professor for building technologies and integral architecture at the Stuttgart Technology University of Applied Sciences developed it in co-operation with the Institut für Fenstertechnik (ift) in Rosenheim, Germany.

The structure of the book is focussed on the practical work of the planners. Setting out from the fundamentals of building physics such as standards and safety features of the openings it progresses towards materials, construction types and components to structural connections and building context. In addition, it provides well-founded facts on coping with existing older features and matters concerning listed buildings. For centuries simple wooden windows were produced in all kinds of regional variations, but today they are high-tech, energy efficient and clever sub-systems of the building's envelope - which all work along the same principles no matter where you are. The authors therefore also address current developments in active and passive solar energy use, building technology in windows and external doors, as well as life cycle assessments and ecological sustainability. An introductory chapter on the history of building openings from the beginnings to the early modern era and their creative impact and cultural significance prepares the reader for the technical and constructional issues at hand. The book is rounded off with detailed case studies of successfully completed projects which offer a wealth of constructive ideas for the reader's own work and are sure to stimulate the creation of individual solutions.

Be it the simple deadbolt or the fully-automated control by app, there is an almost infinite range of  historical and current variations that can be  combined with one another. With this standard and reference work planners will be well prepared for tackling everyday design processes.


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