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Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, Dessau Wörlitz Cultural Foundation (Ed.)
Architectural Guide Dessau / Wörlitz
134x245 mm, 248 pages
300 Illustrations, Softcover
ISBN 978-386922-370-4 (German)
ISBN 978-386922-371-1 (English)
EUR 28.00 / CHF 34.80
November 2016. DOM publishers, Berlin

New from DOM publishers:

Bauhaus Dessau Foundation, Dessau Wörlitz Cultural Foundation (Ed.)

Architectural Guide Dessau / Wörlitz

Dessau may be a mere speck on the map, but to this day the city of Bauhaus still occupies the most important place in the development of the New Building – otherwise known as the Neues Bauen – movement. The Garden Kingdom of Dessau-Wörlitz and the Bauhaus have not only bequeathed the city and its surrounds with inestimable architectural urban and rural properties and spaces, cited intellectual heritage, which has made a lasting impact on the world and, last but not least, accounts fort he attraction the area holds for tourists.

However, Dessau cannot only be reduced to Bauhaus and Garden Design. This first comprehensive Dessau / Wörlitz Architectural Guide, published by the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation and the Dessau-Wörlitz Cultural Foundation, presents an expert overview of more than 120 buildings and rural expanses, with great care and attention given to detail. Knowledgeable contributions to the architectural history of Dessau – from classicism to the Garden Kingdom up to the Industrialisation, the urban planning after the destructive Second World War and after 1990 – lead to the overall context. Here arises a multifaceted, overall picture of a region, which not only draws on its rich cultural and historic heritage, but also plans for the future and ventures out into new terrain.

In the shape of the Garden Kingdom Dessau-Wörlitz and the Bauhaus ensemble, the city of Dessau-Roßlau and its environs encompass two UNESCO World Heritage sites. Furthermore, Dessau and its surroundings host many notable historic and contemporary buildings. As the residence of the princes and dukes of Anhalt in the age of Enlightenment, and as a centre of intellectual and cultural expansion at the European level, this city developed into a significant industrial location as of the second half of the nineteenth century. Today, Dessau’s architectural profile is marked by contrasts: alongside restored historic buildings and standard socialist dwellings, there are also experimental refurbishment projects and ambitious new developments to be found. These and the urban development changes can be easily understood with numerous aerial photographs.


© DOM publishers
© DOM publishers
© Wolfgang Thöner

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