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Mikkel Frost, Carsten Primdahl, Kolja Nielsen
CEBRA_files_01, 02 and 03
198 × 280 mm, 1,200 pages
1,500 pictures
3 volumes (softcover) in a slipcase
ISBN 978-3-86922-603-3
Triple slipcase: EUR 48,00
Volume 03 separately : ISBN 978-3-86922-597-5, EUR 28,00
June 2017. DOM publishers, Berlin

New from DOM publishers:

Mikkel Frost, Carsten Primdahl, Kolja Nielsen

CEBRA_files_01, 02 and 03

Anyone who associates Scandinavian architecture with minimalist, reserved, and classical can be convinced otherwise by CEBRA. The name of this Aarhus-based architectural office reflects its programme: a tropical exotic in the cool North and architecture that is expressive, colourful, and innovative, but always contextual and user-oriented.

The three-volume, elaborate monograph, CEBRA_files, documents more than fifteen years of thought-provoking architecture. With its 1,200 pages and around 1,500 illustrations, the team of fifty employees share their strong passion for architecture and take the readers on a chronological journey thanks to the expressive drawings, diagrams and photographs which are accompanied by interviews and stories. The trio Mikkel Frost, Carsten Primdahl, and Kolja Nielsen merged in 2001 in Aarhus, under the name CEBRA, and the office is now regarded as a trendsetter of Scandinavian architecture. CEBRA also operates internationally and has a branch in Abu Dhabi since 2015 where it is building an important cultural project in the historic centre. CEBRA realises projects in Europe, , Russia, and the Middle East, focusing on housing, cultural, and educational buildings. One of the best-known projects is the award-winning Iceberg that stands at Aarhus' harbour front – within one of the largest harbour restructuring projects in Europe – with its eleven white tips. Its structure allows all the residents to have well-lit apartments with views out over the water. In January 2017 the Experimentarium was completed – a science centre in Copenhagen – with an exceptional shiny copper double helix staircase in the main hall. As spectacular and iconic as the architecture of CEBRA may be, it is strongly driven by local traditions, including climatic, ecological, and cultural conditions, as well as the needs of the users – according to the mission of the architects. Their credo is: architecture must nutritiously benevolent as well as a feast for the eyes; "Healthy Eye Candy"; and their mantra: "architecture is serious fun" – because, despite all the seriousness of the subject, they do their work with visible humour and passion. They share these clear convictions in interviews and talks, and turn the workplace into a powerful manifesto that expresses an optimistic attitude.

Aarhus – the location of CEBRA's headquarters – is one of the 2017 European Cultural Capitals. This occasion was taken by DOM publishers to honour the work of the Danish architects with this triple slipcase edition. CEBRA_files_ 03 is also available as a separate volume from DOM publishers.


All images © Mikkel Frost

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