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DOM publishers

DOM publishers produces high-quality architecture and design book
since 2005. The internationally distributed programme of this Berlin-
based publishing house is focused thematically on the art of architecture
and practically in the art of bookmaking: construction and design manuals for
architects, architectural guides for countries near and far or volumes specialising
on theory.

  • Comprehensive national and international press activities for the entire programme, from concept to implementation and documentation.
  • Mailing of the new-titles catalogue
  • Press releases
  • Newsletter for customers


Among architects DETAIL is well-known on account of its international Review of Architecture and Construction Details. The name DETAIL also stands for a publishing house. It was founded in 1961 and is located in Munich. The editorial staff publish high-quality reference books for architects, among them the in DETAIL series, Construction Manuals, DETAIL Green Books, DETAIL Practice, DETAIL Engineering, DETAIL Special.

  • Mailing of the new-titles catalogue and basic press activities for the international programme 
  • Intensive care of PR avtivities for national and international key titles
  • PR work for the launch of GRID, DETAIL's new design magazine

Christoph Merian Verlag

The publishing house Christoph Merian Verlag, part of the Christoph Merian Foundation, is a small, innovative Swiss publisher with a focus on audio- and nonfiction books. The nonfiction branch of the programme includes art, photography and architecture as well as books on the Basle region.

  • International press activities for the monograph series on the architecture of the Novartis Campus, Basle: Concept and implementation of media communications activities aimed at making the newly published titles, and with them the whole series, more known to the public.
  • International press activities for the S AM publications "Building Images", "Lookout", and "Schweizweit"


S AM Swiss Architecture Museum

The S AM Swiss Architecture Museum is the leading institution in the mediation of contemporary architecture in Switzerland. Located in Basle, S AM invigorates and shapes Switzerland's architectural discourse with its programme and seeks to bridge the gap between professional discourse and the wider public.

  • International press and PR activities for publications accompanying the exhibitions:
    "Building Images - Photography focusing on Swiss architecture"
    "Lookout. Architecture with a view"
    "Schweizweit. Recent Architecture in Switzerland"


LE STANZE DEL VETRO is a long-term joint initiative between Fondazione Giorgio Cini and Pentagram Stiftung, devoted to exhibiting and studying the art of glassmaking in the 20th and 21st centuries. Hiroshi Sugimoto's Glass Tea House Mondrian is the first in a series of outdoor commissions by LE STANZE DEL VETRO on San Giorgio Island in Venice. The concept of these temporary installations is to allow an internationally acclaimed artist to work on a large scale and to engage with the space between sculpture and architecture. Each project will be presented over two years, during Venice’s Art and Architecture Biennales, aiming to address both of their respective audiences as well as the public at large.

  • Press campaign for the publication on "Glass Tea House Mondrian"

Quart Publishers

Quart Publishers was founded by Heinz Wirz in 1999 and is located in Lucerne, Switzerland. The focus of the publishing house lies on books with a strong emphasis on architecture.

  • Press campaign for "The Images of Architects" (Valerio Olgiati)

Design am Oberrhein / Design Rhin Supérieur

Local universities, fair organisers, chambers and associations have joined forces across the borders of France, Germany and Switzerland under the label "Design am Oberrhein / Design Rhin Supérieur". The region is to be popularised as an innovative design location with a strong economic potential through co-operations, joint presentations and continuous exchange

  • Image brochure
  • Press releases
  • Press kits

Textbeispiel: Bierdeckel_und_Beleuchtungskonzepte.pdf (in German/French)

Upper Rhine Valley

The "Upper Rhine Valley" includes the regions of the Alsace in France, the southern and central parts of Baden and the southern Palatinate in Germany as well as north-western Switzerland and the Basle region. The project is carried by Freiburg Wirtschaft Touristik und Messe GmbH & Co. KG (FWTM) and supported through INTERREG IV A. The tourism project - which is run in cooperation with 31 partners - is intended to promote the region of the Upper Rhine Valley as a travel destination especially in overseas markets.

  • Specially prepared texts for the international market: portraits of the cities and regions in German and English

Kunsthalle Mannheim

Kunsthalle Mannheim

The Kunsthalle Mannheim is shaping the cultural life of this industrial
city on the river Rhine since 1907. With its masterpieces ranging from
Edouard Manet to Francis Bacon and a singular focus on sculptures it is
amongst Germany’s most renowned art collections of Modernism and
contemporary art

  • Press releases for special exhibitions and fringe events
  • Compilation of an image press kit
  • Ongoing attendance of the press activities
    regarding the begin of the overall refurbishment

Kunstverein Freiburg

Kunstverein Freiburg

The Kunstverein Freiburg, one of the oldest art associations in
Germany, is an institution esteemed both nationally and internationally
which focuses on current tendencies in contemporary art.

  • Development of a new public relations concept
  • Active participation in the creation of a mission statement and public image
  • Press activities for exhibitions, amongst others for Regionale 10
  • Image texts, press releases, invitations
  • Optimisation of the mailing list

Textbeispiel: Leitbild_Kunstverein_Freiburg.pdf

Carsten Otte, Goodbye Auto

Carsten Otte, Goodbye Auto

Mobile without a car — is that possible? Carsten Otte wittily proves in his book that it indeed is possible. The radio announcer never held a drivers license and takes us along on a trip in his adventurous life as a pedestrian, train passenger and hitchhiker.

Book reading in a Freiburg tram:

  • Idea and concept
  • Coordination
  • Press releases (in German)

Opera3, eine Dreilnderoper

Opera3, eine Dreiländeroper / un Opéra des Trois Pays

The Dreiländeroper, a tri-national opera, was a multi-media project performed during the summer of 2010 in the border region of Germany, France and Switzerland (Basel metropolitan area).

  • Press and public relations concept
  • Press activities in Germany and Switzerland
  • Ongoing attendance of the project from the launch of the project’s interactive website trough to the separate fringe events and the actual performance during the summer of 2010: Press releases, press dossiers, invitations, interview arrangements etc.

Textbeispiel: PM_Opera3_website_ggc.pdf