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Dedicated to culture

I learnt the trade of press and public relations from scratch at a PR agency. I now have the experience of several years of working in press and public relations for publishing houses and institutions with a focus on architecture, design and art to fall back on.

After eight years at the internationally renowned Swiss publishing house of Birkhäuser Publishers in Basel, where I was the head of the press and public relations department, I now run the Freiburg-based PR agency gisela graf comminications since 2010. Through my qualification as an art historian and the experience I have gained from my work I am always aware of current developments in architecture and urban planning on an international scale.

And as an author I wrote the German-language title Freiburg urban. Neue Architektur in der Schwarzwaldmetropole, an architectural guide to my home town, in 2019.

And all of this stems from an enthusiasm for architecture and art.

In 2018 I started working together with the Basel-based architect and specialised journalist Katharina Marchal to offer press and public relations services to architectural practices. Our cross-border partnership between Germany and Switzerland is a bonus for our clients and media outlets.