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cover At Home Urban Living

Sandra Hofmeister (Ed.)
At Home. Architecture for Urban Living 
With contributions by  Andreas Hofer, Sandra Hofmeister and Andreas Putz
320 pages, numerous photos and illustrations
24.0 x 30.0 cm, flexcover
ISBN: 978-3-95553-569-8. English / German
EUR 59.90 / CHF 92.25. Also available as e-book
February 2022. Edition DETAIL, Munich

New from DETAIL:

Sandra Hofmeister (Ed.)

At Home

Architecture for Urban Living


The age of cities has long since begun and the issue of housing is becoming steadily aggravated. Globally more and more people are moving to urban conurbations, which have become engines for social change and diversity, and whose density is in many places increasing significantly. At the same time one can often observe a housing shortage, rising prices and a decline in spatial quality. What housing models and architectural concepts do we need to secure the quality of life in urban centres in the long term? How can the quality of living be secured and the costs be controlled? How are existing buildings, such as abandoned industrial complexes that could be repurposed or the large housing estates from the 1960s and 1970s being dealt with? And which sustainable models can be implemented for future-oriented residential quarters?

There are no standardised answers to fit these questions, but there are, however, pioneering and sustainable concepts tailored to the respective location, to budgets and to the specific needs of the residents. At Home. Architecture for Urban Living documents 26 such current urban housing projects from Europe and Japan, that organise urban living in different ways - from townhouses to cooperative housing complexes, and from multi-generation houses to subsidised model neighbourhoods. The different architectural solutions correspond to the building tasks set by the diverse range of the ways of living. The focus of the book lies also on refurbishments, roof extensions and conversions that transform existing buildings into new or re-established housing space. Furthermore, it also presents residential projects that fill gap sites and awkward leftover plots. In this context, architecture becomes a holistic solution that takes into account urban planning as well as the choice of building materials, floor plans and circulation, or the construction details of the facade. Photos, drawings and detailed 1:20 scale sections provide insight into aspects of the architecture of  individual projects regarding spatial organisation, construction, materials and detailed planning that  show how quality living can be realised in the city. With additional contributions by experts on topics surrounding urban living.

The series by Edition DETAIL also includes the already available title At Home. Architecture for Rural Living. A further book in the series on living in high-rise buildings is currently in preparation.


Zu Hause Wohnen in der Stadt

© Jakob Schoof

Zu Hause Wohnen in der Stadt

© Jakob Schoof

Zu Hause Wohnen in der Stadt

© Löser Lott Architekten

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