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Sergey Nikitin-Rimsky
Architectural Guide Verona and Lake Garda
135 x 245 mm, 336 pages
500 images, softcover
ISBN 978-3-86922-090-1 (English)
EUR 38.00 / CHF 46.40
May 2022. DOM publishers, Berlin

New from DOM publishers:

Sergey Nikitin-Rimsky

Architectural Guide Verona and Lake Garda

It is no surprise that Verona is one of Italy's most visited cities: but what attracts thousands each year to this city at the foot of the Alps in northern Italy are not only the opera festival, which is held in the Roman amphitheatre, or that it is the setting of one of the most famous romantic dramas in the history of literature. In its more than 2,000 years of existence Verona has also acquired such a wealth of historic architecture that the entire centre is now UNESCO-listed. But unlike many other Italian cities, Verona has an air of calm about it and has even - despite the influx of visitors - managed to maintain a certain provincial charm, with many sites that are worth a visit actually hidden away from the tourist paths and sometimes even unknown to the locals.

In his Architectural Guide Verona and Lake Garda, architectural historian Sergey Nikitin-Rimsky presents the architectural witnesses of this city that is so steeped in history - with additional excursions into the neighbouring Valpolicella and Lake Garda regions. In four routes the author leads the reader through the city by the meandering Adige River and describes some 120 projects. These range from Roman buildings, which naturally includes the famous Arena, to neoclassical palaces like the Palazzo Gran Guardia right through to inventive recent restorations and adaptations. And not to be forgotten are also its  Gothic and Romanesque edifices, which are frequently constructed in pink brick, or medieval masterworks such as the Basilica San Zeno, the Scaliger tombs or the church of San Fermo. All routes are supplemented by a selection of modern and contemporary buildings.

The towns and villages around Lake Garda have long attracted tourists. Villas and hotels loom large, including the eccentric villa complex constructed by the equally eccentric poet Gabriele D'Annunzio. This is reflected in the selection presented in this guide, but here again contemporary and less well-known projects are included.

Through his considered selection of some 200 buildings, historian and socio-urbanist Sergey Nikitin-Rimsky - who has been living and teaching in Verona for several years, and even leads guided tours through the historic city centre -  provides a knowledgeable look at the sights that range from the famous to the more hidden.


AG Verona

© saiko3p (iStock)

AG Verona

© Sergey Nikitin-Rimsky

AG Verona

© Fabrizio Mauro

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