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Cover Aquarium Buildings

Jürgen Lange / Natascha Meuser (eds)
Aquarium Buildings
Construction and Design Manual
With forewords by Theo B. Pagel and Philippe Vallette and further
contributions by Peter Chermayeff, Claudia Luxbacher, Motofumi Tai
and Dieter Baklow
225× 280 mm, 464 pages
900 illustrations, hardcover with elastic strap
ISBN 978-3-86922-756-6 (English)
EUR 128.00
October 2022. DOM publishers, Berlin

New in the Construction and Design Manuals series by DOM publishers:

Jürgen Lange / Natascha Meuser (eds)

Aquarium Buildings

From historical pleasure aquariums to maritime education facilities: climate change and growing environmental awareness are the main reasons that maritime museums and aquariums are currently experiencing a boom in visitor numbers. And yet this - admittedly rather rare - type of building is almost non-existent in architectural discourse or the specialist literature. The task of designing a large aquarium, however, pre­­sents architects with a multiplicity of challenges - especially when it comes to the fundamental elements of interior design which must be meshed with special requirements concerning building technology - and therefore deserves a closer look.

Edited by Natascha Meuser and Jürgen Lange, the Construction and Design Manual Aquarium Buildings is the first publication to specifically highlight the necessary aspects regarding construction, interior design and technical details of the aquariums themselves when it comes to the best-possible animal welfare practices. The study follows the evolution of architecture and exhibition didactics of these artificial underwater worlds and analyses more than 50 historical and contemporary buildings, dating from 1853 to today, from all four corners of the globe. The descriptions are supplemented with layout plans, images, cross sections and detailed project data. On the basis of this analysis trends and reoccurring themes can be recognised which can be of relevance to the next generation of aquariums. It also allows the formulation of ten parameters which may serve as guidelines in the design of future buildings

The aim of this publication is to provide architects and their clients with planning parameters and quality criteria to help them in designing a sustainable building. It provides targeted support for the development of a design, but can also be used as a basis for communication between all parties involved in planning and construction, so that a project can be developed that satisfies the requirements of the animals and their caretakers as well as the visitors - and therefore the aquarium as a whole.

This book is the sixth volume in a series of publications by the Institute for Zoo Architecture at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences in Dessau.


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