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Cornelia Dörries
Contemporary Architecture. Made in Germany
134 × 245 mm, 450 pages
500 illustrations, softcover with plastic binding
ISBN 978-3-86922-176-2 (English)
EUR 28,00 / CHF 34,80
October 2016. DOM publishers, Berlin

New at DOM publishers:

Cornelia Dörries

Contemporary Architecture. Made in Germany

Whether it be a solar kiosk in Africa, the National Library in Saudi Arabia or a city in Mongolia: architecture "Made in Germany" can be found all over the world - and German architects are valued for their efficiency, quality and reliability; they are considered experts on sustainability and sophisticated urban planning.

Contemporary Architecture. Made in Germany is a presentation of 28 international architecture firms based in Germany. The book presents more than 120 projects in over 30 countries worldwide. Published by Netzwerk Architekturexport (the Architecture Export Network – NAX) from the Bundesarchitektenkammer (the Federal Chamber of Architects – BAK), it provides a representative cross section of export-experienced architects and presents a balance sheet and showcase for architectural firms operating abroad. It also demonstrates what architecture Made in Germany highlights: a construction project is supervised from the first sketch to turnkey solutions, and even beyond. One is well connected and cooperates with engineers and craftsmen. Thus responsibility for the complex tasks and processes remains in one pair of hands only: that of the architect. It is through such qualities that German architects can assert themselves in large international architecture firms.

Here, the theme focuses on the challenges of the modern global life presented to architects and designers - which are always different in Russia, China or the Arab world. With "Metropolis: Developing Urban Structures", "Inventing the House of Tomorrow: Sustainability and Technology" and "Places for the Public: Communication, Health, Leisure," as main topics, this book primarily targets the life and work in an urban context, and presents various solutions, which have already been applied to the majority.

This volume, Contemporary Architecture. Made in Germany accompanies the eponymous exhibition, which will open in Beijing on 12 October 2016. NAX was established in 2002 to connect international clients with German architecture firms.


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