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José Luis Moro
DETAIL Practice: Flooring
2 volumes 21 x 29,7 cm, softcover, with numerous drawings
Volume 1: Standards, Solution principles, Materials. 120 pages. ISBN 978-3-95553-301-4 (English)
Volume 2: Design, Life Cycle, Case studies. 120 pages. ISBN 978-3-95553-313-7 (English)
Individual price € 52.90 / Set € 89.90  € prices Excl. VAT.
Also available as e-book
October 2016. DETAIL, Munich

New from DETAIL:

José Luis Moro

DETAIL Practice: Flooring

A down-to-earth approach to floor planning

Covers every important aspect on planning and realising different flooring types in two volumes

Flooring is subject to extreme levels of use and it gets trodden on daily. At the same time the surfaces - especially the interior ones - make a decisive contribution to the perceived atmosphere and the quality of a given space. There is quite an optical, tactile, climatic and acoustic difference depending on if we find ourselves on parquet or stone, lino or carpeting. Since a floor is per se flat and level, the design would initially appear limited - but one should not underestimate the complex potential of floor surfaces.

The two Flooring volumes in the DETAIL Practice series are literally a down-to-earth publication. They showcase everything that one needs to know about this construction element and provide a comprehensive and structured overview on aesthetics, construction and the various functions of interior floors.

The first volume provides aid on the construction and design of different flooring types and materials. It delivers a fundamental theoretical basis on structural solution principles, connections and transitions within a structural context. It also looks at the various functions that a floor can have, depending on its use - ranging from regulating interior acoustics to accessibility, protection as a noise-cancelling barrier or from firewall to thermal absorption and storage, and finally even constructive load-bearing functions. It also includes decision-making tips and background information on various types of flooring and materials as well as how to plan proper connections and transitions.

Besides the historical developments from the first screeds to wall-to-wall carpeting, the second volume focuses extensively on flooring as an architectural design element, its life cycle and aspects of sustainability as well as questions regarding renovation and modernisation. A comprehensive section of successfully completed case studies can serve as inspiration for the reader's own projects. Tables, performance indicators and a large number of design drawings help to understand and classify different types of flooring at a glance.

This publication covers all major aspects of interior flooring. As with all titles from the DETAIL Practice series it is suitable for readers ranging from students and young architects to established architectural firms who want to use it as a reference work. By embracing the fundamentals within these books you will have a solid stand when planning a new floor.


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