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cover Timber Buildings

Sandra Hofmeister (Ed.)
Timber Buildings S, M, L. 30 x Architecture and Construction   
352 pages, numerous photos and illustrations
22 x 29 cm, flexcover
ISBN: 978-3-95553-587-2. English / German
EUR 69.90 / CHF 105.00. Also available as e-book
September 2022. Edition DETAIL, Munich

New from DETAIL:

Sandra Hofmeister (Ed.)

Timber Buildings S, M, L

30 x Architecture and Construction


Timber as a resource in architecture has become an item of significance in these times of a climate crisis and the search for environmentally sustainable building materials. It usually is locally available, a renewable resource and has the ability to store the carbon that it took from the atmosphere - even when subsequently used in construction. Then there are the aspects of it providing a high quality of living and its ability to regulate a building's indoor climate, a positive feature which can reduce the need for building services. Furthermore, it can be recycled and therefore remain in the materials cycle. And it can be used in a number of different ways in regard to building design and intended usage.  

Timber Buildings S M L examines the possibilities that timber offers for design and construction through portraits of 30 projects of various sizes and uses. The range covers small mountain cabins through to medium size residential and school buildings all the way to large offices, factory buildings and cultural and leisure facilities. The respective construction methods - solid timber construction, modular buildings, frame- , skeleton- or hybrid construction methods - are set out in plans and detailed construction diagrams. With the holistic approaches applied in the search for solutions, the architectures presented show the potential that timber has as a sustainable building material for a climate-friendly future.

Wood is one of the oldest building materials and could become the choice material for the 21st century. Apart from its ecological advantages, it also offers a wide range of uses. This multi-faceted collection of projects is a source of inspiration for anyone dealing with this natural building material.


Timber Buildings
© Sindre Ellingsen
Timber Buildings
© Alex de Rijkei
Timber Buildings
© Jasmin Sohi




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