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May 2022

Sergey Nikitin-Rimsky

Architectural Guide Verona and Lake Garda

DOM publishers

In his Architectural Guide Verona and Lake Garda, architectural historian Sergey Nikitin-Rimsky presents the architectural witnesses of this city that is so steeped in history - with additional excursions into the neighbouring Valpolicella and Lake Garda regions. In four routes the author leads the reader through the city by the meandering Adige River and describes some 120 projects.

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February 2022

Christ & Gantenbein

New Ways of Working

In September of 2021, after some two years of construction, the Multifunctional Workspace Building on the campus of the Roche Pharma AG in the southwest German town of Grenzach-Wyhlen, was officially declared open. Christ & Gantenbein have devised a flexible and forward-looking office building that inspires the development of new ways of working and impresses with its simple, but clear design.

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February 2022

Yorck Förster, Christina Gräwe, Peter Cachola Schmal (Eds.)

German Architecture Annual 2022

DOM publishers

The DAM Prize for Architecture in Germany 2022 has been awarded to an extraordinary and innovative residential project in Riem, the trade fair district of Munich: San Riemo is a cooperative apartment complex with 27 units, designed by ARGE SUMMACUMFEMMER BÜRO JULIANE GREB with the highest degree of flexibility regarding the floor plans in mind which reflect the diverse and changing range of living arrangements that are possible. The German Architecture Annual 2022 presents the winning project and the finalists together with the shortlisted entries from Germany and by German architects.

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February 2022

Sandra Hofmeister (Ed.)

At Home

Architecture for Urban Living


The age of cities has long since begun and the issue of housing is becoming steadily aggravated. Globally more and more people are moving to urban conurbations, which have become engines for social change and diversity, and whose density is in many places increasing significantly. At Home. Architecture for Urban Living documents 26 such current urban housing projects from Europe and Japan, that organise urban living in different ways - from townhouses to cooperative housing complexes, and from multi-generation houses to subsidised model neighbourhoods.

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